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I'm looking for a wine cellar / wine inventory app for iPhone. I see a variety of wine tasting apps, but no true cellar inventory apps.

For the past eight years, I have used Wine Master for Palm OS by Poohbah Industries ( ). My Palm is getting shaky, I'm reticent to buy another one, and I'd really like to move the cellar list to the iPhone. Think of how nice it would be to scroll through a list of wines on your iPhone while you pick the next bottle to share with guests? So much information at your fingertips.

Bring it to the store while you shop (Did I like wine x last time I tried it? How many bottles of wine y do I have left at home?).

I'm steady-state at about 400 bottles. Clearly too many to remember off the top of my head. How do other list members inventory their wine? I know about the Web-based applications, but that's not what I'm looking for. I want the database in my pocket at all times.

In an ideal world, this iPhone App would have a desktop (Mac OS X) counterpart. This would ease entry after buying a mixed case, or entering in an entire collection. An ideal app would also allow tasting notes, obviously.

I look forward to feedback.


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The only app I've seen and have is Vinoriffic. It's not robust by any means--just a simple list of what you have in your cellar. i'm hoping that someone comes out with something more suitable....
Hi Susan,

I checked out Vinoriffic at iTunes App Store and it seems to have some of the functionality I'm looking for. It seems like it was originally designed as a tasting app and they later added some inventory functionality. Have you used it for inventory? Can you put enter wine cellar position?

A colleague and I are working on an app. Is there particular functionality you would like to see, or particular fields you think are important?

It's pretty limited. It doesnt allow for cellar position, #bottles, cost, drink from/to, separate fields for producer/winery and label. I think these should all be part of basic functionality. The current program is not much more than a list--you can input winery, variety, vintage, notes, and a rating. The rating field is nice. But, there's really nothing else out on iphone right now so I bought it. I'd be happy to beta test your're app! I'm glad someone's working on it! :-)
Hi, I am about to release an iPhone App with 1-2 days on iTune. I think it might be doing everything you need, except the bottle position. ( If you explain to me how this work I could implement that properly, from a first glance it does not look complicated )

I will certainly modifying so it could correspond fully to your needs.
Let me know!

My goal is to improve it from feedback I receive from users!

here is the current version's website:

Just tried a new iPhone app called Velvet Vine. It allows me to manage my entire cellar and also allows me to manage wines that I have in storage. Has a wishlist, search, journal and reference area. Best one I have tried so far.

I found them on the app store, but they also have a website with a tutorial at:

The only issue I see with this app is that my wine cellar database would be stored on a remote server. I would prefer to store my data locally, on my own computer.

Now, if only they would invent a barcode reader adapter for the iPhone, I wouldn't have to enter in all my bottles manually.
Michael, There is a barcode reader adapter for the iphone called Clarifi by Griffin:

The next step is for someone to build database searching capability into a wine cellar app. You would scan the barcode, the app would query a database, and presto: many of the fields would self-populate.

You can access your data through your iPhone and it is seriously a lot easier than hand entering skus! Pricey but probably worth it if you have lots of wine - and you know you do!
If you guys use CellarTracker, check out for the iphone. If you don't use CellarTracker... well why not? I am working on a Facebook app which will integrate your cellar data (consumption, tasting notes, additions) into your Facebook profile. If you want to use/try it, drop me a message.
Hi again, this is to let you know that my App for the iPhone 'Wine Cellar' is finally available on iTunes!

I have released the basic version and a Pro version that supports full import and export, so you can fully manage your cellar on your PC or Mac and export it to the iPhone.

I got great reviews from the users, and I am really proud!

Happy wine drinking!


What about us, the blackberry people? It's not as sexy as the iphone but it does a good job.




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