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How much will the FTC's new blogger rule affect the wine industry?

Since the release of the FTC's new "Double Standard" rule there has already been a great amount of buzz regarding the impact it will have to the wine industry. I wondering how many people this will affect.

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From my understanding, it only requires bloggers to announce in their posts when what they are tasting was given to them "donated". This lets readers know that perhaps their tasting is biased.... Silly new rule if you ask me, and I'm hoping it doesn't affect too many people! It might be more in depth than what I'm aware of.... Would love to learn more. I have a wine blog at and we are about to start doing video tastings as well w/wine that we receive from vineyards, so I'll have to figure out this law asap! :)
Thank you for your feedback, I agree with you. In the event that you need assistance promoting your blog and wine tastings or potentially selling tickets to the events feel free to check out our eCommerce system:

We have a number of sales and marketing tools and suggestions specific for promoting wine industry events and sales.
Great! Thank you so much for the link. I appreciate your help and we'll keep that on hand!
This was very informative, but it begs the question of First Amendment right to Free Speech. It seems another invasion by ‘Big Brother”, in this case the FTC to inhibit the transfer on information or ’speech’ from one party to another. I’m also curious as to how this would be enforced? I mean really the Blog Police?
OBTW thank you for the reply and the information. It certainly answered my question.
You're very welcome. I am glad the information was helpful. Thank you for your input and opinions.




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