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What if you tried a Dry Colombard? Russian River Valley used to be planted with 70% of Colombard vineyards in the 70's. I found one of the last vineyard that is left in Russian River and made a unique dry wine that would be your perfect companion for this summer!

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This sounds intriging, who knew it was growing in CA? This Colombard is ready to drink? Yes, please.
Hi Tonya! It has been growing for hundred years in the South-West of France, Gascony region but also it was widely planted in Russian River and even Napa Valley....I just think very few people respected the Colombard enough to make it a great wine in CA. I made my first Colombard in 1996 in Gascony. In Europe, people from England, Ireland, Scandinavia and Germany are big fans of the wines made from Gascony's Colombard...Anyhow, my Colombard is ready to drink now and it's a perfect timing with summer being here. You can visit my website and buy the wine. We have a Special offer until tomorrow Friday June 24th, 2 pm.
Cheers and looking forward to hearing from you,
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Wine 2.0

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