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Which do you prefer, Old World Or New World Wines?

There has been a lot of talk about New World Wines since the famous 1976 tasting, when the Californian wines outshone the French and it was most probably the start of a significant shift in the Wine World.

There is no doubt that Great Wines come from France as they do from other Old World countries. But when it comes down to buying wine, where does your preference lie?

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When it comes down to buying wine I currently prefer buying wines from Mendoza & San Rafael Argentina. You cant beat the quality for the price. in the US relatively few Americans have the space to store wines for any length of time...usually what they buy today they are drinking within a few have ever tasted aged wines so old world wines from places like France are not really appreciated. Wines from Spain that are being made in a style that is more fruit forward and ready to be drink now are doing well. Price sentitivity is also paying a key role right now. The availability of European wines that are in the key price range of under $20 a bottle are getting more attention then they ever did before.
Nico-good question, but I hope that most people will answer "both." Each has much to recommend it, and frankly if people aren't trying both old and new world wines across a variety of styles and varietals, they're missing out. Palates need to be educated just as minds do. You can't say you prefer "new" if you haven't tasted "old" and vice-versa. Right?
I still think the great wines hail from Europe but others are narrowing the gap - and quickly at that. We have recently had some American wine that was oh so good! Was that an anomaly or are these wines/grapes/experience/marketing closing ranks.
Thanks for all your input. There is obviously a difference between New and Old, but I agree that you must have tasted both in order to know the difference. Interesting comments about price points and storage space or lack of it in American households. Storing wine is probably very French and Old World, where there is lots of space and also the right temperature in home cellars.

Having said that though, I asked this question not only in reference to the famous tasting in 1976, but also as I have noticed an increased focus on Napa Valley wines in the American Wine Press over the last couple of months (Wine Spectator above all) mentioning the better quality but also in reference to wine tourism, probably also due to a large extent to the economic situation calling the American people to visit their own territory more.

I think in France we barely know new world wines as the choice in wine shops is very restraint. Such a shame when you know the richness of the world wide wines diversity!




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