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As with all the health claims of the benefit of Wine, I was thinking the other day about the Breast Cancer organization in general.

The marketing for the events from the 3 Day walk to Awareness are, at most hubris to say; phenomal since the begining of the year I knew exactly when/where the 2/3 Day Walk was going to be in my area.

So, I am dismissive about when I see the Pink Ribbon on dog food or the Save the Ta-Ta's campaign, but I have yet to see a pink ribbon ( aside from special event wine ) on a bottle of wine?

Is there such discrimination in a marketing campaign?

Yes, special events pour wine like its the Great Gatsby but, yet I don't "see it" the connection of wine and breast cancer.

I know at least a dozen of people that raised funds to participate in the Walks, Galas, and donated at the local grocery store but, when they have a glass of wine in their hand its a no-no?

Thoughts? Experiences? and info on Events would be insightful.

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Here's an article in Wine Spectator. Also, Fat Bastard Wines have the pink ribbon in support of breast cancer awareness.
Thanks for the info that is really interesting how it all works out.
Okay, I realize this is an older post, but I am just reading it now. Perhaps this has already been called to your attention since last August, so sorry if this is redundant. I had a bottle of 2008 Cline Cashmere a few months ago, which donned a pink ribbon on the label in support of breast cancer. A great wine for a great cause! :)
It is perfectly okay to reply to such an old post, the reality that the line between wine benefits and breast cancer marketing have been blurred. I guess my original thought was about Bitch Bubbly a sparkling wine that is pink and probably really great support for Breast cancer awareness...




Wine 2.0

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