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I walked into Ross today and saw it, did a double take then realized maybe Christmas in July is a reality because I saw the pumpkins, scarcrows and Happy Halloween decorations on the endcap. I actually worried I might have missed an important birthday when I double checked todays date.

So, I ask with a mere 21 weeks until December 1st to go, What about the Holidays?

There is the office, neighbors, and acquiantences. Holiday parties and celebration and before you accuse me of blasphemy I went into Target and found Halloween cards.

One year I went to Apan winery ( to have some personalized wines done for a mere $300 and it was a great deal. There is also some great deals to be had as most wineries will help you distribute gift baskets...

I will testify I rather be the recipient than the giver...

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In my last walk through a local Michael's I noticed the Fall foliage and Halloween items for sale. The store was obviously being cleared for the winter holiday gear. It appears that the holidays associated with shopping are starting earlier than ever. With this year's recession, it is understandable that anyone who sells products for the holidays needs to start early and be top of mind to avoid being lost in the pack. Savvy shoppers tend to shop the day after the holiday for the absolute best prices on seasonal items.

Enjoy the rest of the summer!
Top of mind is that the Tomato theory? I don't know if I will make it to the Holiday I kinda want my Beaujuoles today...




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