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An Italian classic served with an Arizona red wine

If I could choose one ethnic cuisine to eat for the rest of my life, easy answer, Italian.  I adore everything about that country and the food.  Polenta, pasta, tomatoes, basil, lamb, olive oil, red wine, I mean what's not to love.  I grew up with an admiration of this culture's food and it has only expanded as I entered adulthood and started whipping up my own creations.

Pasta, basil, and tomatoes with a simple drizzle of olive oil to me is the simplest dish, yet so tasty and comforting.  To me, Italian food is comfort food.  Nothing is more heart warming than pasta and a yummy glass of red wine. 

My mom has made a killer spaghetti since I can remember, and when I got married she shared the recipe with me.  I have only made a few minor changes over the numerous times I have made this dish, and it has pleased even the pickiest of eaters I have served it to.  It is so simple to create yet, tastes so wonderful.  Plus, it simmers for three hours, so the whole house smells like an Italian kitchen, just divine!

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